Before Sliced Bread Range

What makes Trevor’s breads so good? Put simply, he has gone back to basics “before sliced bread”. All of his breads are sourdoughs, but with a difference. Many sourdoughs are poorly made and usually use commercial yeast, and a range of chemicals. As a result, the end product often has a harsh flavour without any subtlety.  Trevor uses a sourdough culture containing local wild yeast and bacteria which is naturally present in the air. He has been cultivating this for more than six years. The ingredients are hand mixed, left to ferment for 18 hours before moulded by hand and proved then finally baked on the wood fired oven floor. The result that the unique flavour and style of each bread really prevails.

Trevor has researched traditional breadmaking methods over many years. This journey has led him to source ancient grains grown locally in Australia. Trevor has also studied and learned how to bake international bread styles and he now makes some of them available to you.